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“Authentic Leadership begins with a Self-Awareness and an ability to understand yourself, each one on your team and ultimately what is important in their lives.”
–Brian Tomasic
“Sharing your journey or personal trials and tribulations is like giving someone your DNA. The goal is to gain trust and help to open their mind and soul to development.”
–Brian Tomasic
“Next level leaders are not complacent with their relationships, but committed to evolving, growing, and learning innovative ways to connect and inspire their team.”
–Brian Tomasic
Brian Tomasic is a motivational speaker, a leadership consultant and a goal achievement coach.

Brian works with businesses, professional sports coaches and their respective teams on topics ranging from Emotional Intelligence (EQ), GRIT, Body Language, Mental Fatigue, Critical Feedback and Effective Goal-Setting techniques. Whether it is a small business owner, C-Level Executive, Professional or Collegiate sports coach, Brian connects with them on a personal level to understand their goals and perceived obstacles to create a game plan for their success. Affectionately known as “BT,” his goal is to help people be their best and strive for excellence in their personal and professional lives.

My WHY? I enjoy helping people, aiding them in finding their path, improving on a skill set and moving obstacles to achieve their goals. Sometimes that involves listening and observing them on the field, court, or in the office to gain a perspective of their situation. Debriefing and defining the end goal and how we want to address the situation is a very collaborative approach that we navigate. Many times high level leaders do not have a trusted confidant with an unbiased lens to help them evaluate. One of my clients defined my role as a “Coach for Coaches.”  Leading can be lonely at times and our interactions lessen those moments and create a “safe zone” to discuss pressing challenges.

BT’s Story

Brian Tomasic has 28 years of experience in leadership and business and business sales to Fortune 100 CompaniesHe has served in various leadership capacities and aided the development of numerous associates and leaders.

Brian is a graduate of Point Park University, where he majored in Business Management while playing on a basketball scholarship.  An Academic All-American, Brian graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was 4th in national in 3-point shooting during his sophomore season. During his Catholic school days, he played on various All-Star teams that toured Ireland and Australia.

Brian resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has an office in Raleigh, North Carolina.   He and his high school sweetheart, Amy, have been married for more than 25 years, and have two children, Cal and Mia. After mentoring many people over the years, Brian decided to bring his message to a wide audience through various trainings, speaking engagements and video podcasts.

No interesting or deep story about BT’s website name, “Quarter Zip Tips.” Simply, he noticed that all of his recorded videos displayed him donning a quarter zip top.  Some might say that it is his signature piece of clothing or uniform, and the name stuck.

“I hope our paths cross and look forward to hearing your story.  Also, I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team.”

Continued Success,

If you would like to access BT’s Quarter Zip Tips library, please send an email to btomasic412@gmail.com for a pass code.


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